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Dr. Mark D. Pierce | Emergencies in Columbus

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Orthodontic Emergencies:

Although Orthodontic emergencies are rare, should they occur you or your child deserves to be comfortable and safe until matters can be tended to. Our Practice provides 24 hour emergency service. If for any reason help is not available and you have an urgent need for attention, your Family Dentist is a great first choice as may be your local emergency room which typically has a Dentist or an Oral Surgeon on call.

Loose Brackets

Please phone our office for advice if a bracket, or wire becomes loose. Cutting a wire or sliding a loose brace off are options if you need immediate help and can't make it in to see us: Most Orthodontic wires may be cut with steel fingernail clippers which have been washed and sterized in alcohol.

Loose Bands

Loose bands can usually be removed with fingers if they are causing a problem: Should they not be causing discomfort, they might be left in place for a day or two until you can return to us. Should bands be anchors for expanders, appliance activation might best be discontinued until repairs may be made. Likewise for bands to which a headgear is attached: Wear should be stopped until you visit our office.

Wire Irritations

At times, discomfort caused by a wire on your Braces may be resolved by tucking offending portion back into place with a cotton swab or an eraser. If such isn't possible, try covering the end of the wire with a small piece of cotton or a small amount of wax. As a last resort, try nail clippers, washed and sterized with alcohol.

Lost Separators

Lost separators are reltively common and are usually not a source of concern. Please phone our office and we'll let you know if replacement(s) are necessary.



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