At what  age does Orthodontic care become a poor treatment choice? 

There is really no limit as teeth can be corrected at any age.  Approximately 45% of our patients are adults.  The oldest thus far was in his late seneties.

How long wyll treatment take?

Much depends upon the nature of your Orthodontic concerns and the treatment option which you choose.  Some adults find their treatment completed within 6-9 months.  Others with more extensive needs may have their treatment time range between 20 - 24 months.  Treatment times for adults are comparable to those for adolescents.

How often will I have to miss work?

After your care begins, appointments are typically scheduled every 4 - 6 weeks.  We do our best to accommodate your work hours so that off time is kept to a minimum.

May braces be placed in the presence of crowns, dental implants or absent teeth?

Yes, Orthodontic care may take place regardless of absent teeth, implants, or crowns.

What treatment options are availablr for adults beyong traditional braces?

Cosmetic appliances include clear ceramic braces as well as Invisalign Aligners.   

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