TMJ Therapy

Tempero-mandibular joint symptoms affect a large proportion of our population and may range from mild to chronic or even debilitating. They can include headaches, joint noises, joint locking, subjective hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). If left untreated, most symptoms typically become more severe as time passes.

Treatment depends upon the severity of TMJ symptoms. Many patients begin with a TMJ splint which is a clear, plastic appliance that is worn on the upper teeth for a period of 6-10 weeks. This treatment often provides relief on a temporary basis.

Long term patients who suffer from TMJ may benefit from an attempt to improve their occlusion by adjusting their bite from selective grinding, the restoration of teeth by their family dentist or the correction of their bite by means of orthodontic care.

Our practice provides TMJ care with the thought that the least invasive therapies should be first attempted. This has found that most of our patients respond with a decrease of symptoms in range of 75-90% simply with the splint wear. Once comfortable, options regarding long term treatment needs are discussed so that each patient may make an informed decision concerning their treatment choices.

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