Will the alignment of my child's teeth improve as he/she grows?

Typically not.  In fact as children mature the space available for teeth actually decreases as permanent teeth erupt and take the place of primary teeth.

At what age should I schedule an Orthodontic screening for my child?

Most children would benefit from an Orthodontic examination by the age of 6 or 7.  By that time permanent incisors and permanent 1st molars have erupted, and bite irregularities and/or dental crowding is apparant.  Facial growth patterns have also been established and may be assessed with regard to their potential affect upon improperly deveoping occlusions.

How often will my child have to miss school?

After care begins, most appoinments are scheduled at intervals of 4 -6 weeks.  We do our best to accomodate your needs and make every attempt to keep lost school time to a minimum.

As a parent, is it necessary to accompany my child to each appointment?

No, after treatment begins, children are welcome to visit our office unattended.  Occadionaly, we request that a parent be present so that we may discuss treatment progress and/or to review treatment options.

How long will treatment take?

Our average treatment time for children who require an early phase of care is 9 months.  Adolescents who require a full episode of Orthodontic care have their braces in place an average of 18-20 months.

Will extractions be necessary?

Approximately 15% of our patients would benefit from the removal of selected permanent teeth yo provide them the best Orthodontic result which in balance with their facial features.

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